When We Follow Jesus It Shows - TCM #001


Weekly conversations about how to turn your inward faith into outward action.

When you’re called by God, you go.
— Dale Tippett

Quick Summary

If we are getting caught up in creature comforts while we do ministry, we may be losing sight of God's mission for us in the first place.


In this episode, we look at how the quality of a leader is reflected by their followers when they are sent out to be ambassadors in the world. Jesus as the good shepherd is an example of this, and we look at much more.

Take Aways

  1. John Maxwell said, "If you want to see how the leader is doing, look at the followers." What do we want Christ's followers to show the world about Christ's leadership?

  2. What does the state of your followers (children, spouse, coworkers) say about you?