Listen Learn and Be Filled - TCM #021


Weekly conversations about how to turn your inward faith into outward action.

Religion needs to take care of the vulnerable.
— Dale Tippett, Sr.

Quick Summary

God’s law, the words of Jesus, and the lessons of the epistles all testify to our need to listen and learn, but also go forth and be doers of the word so our light can shine in the world.

Episode Notes

in this episode we look at how God shines a light to show the way for our moral behavior. When we follow this light and keep ourselves “unstained by the world”, our light shines out for all to see.


  1. Even though we are all of a fallen nature, and will always fall short. Our strength comes from striving for the example of Jesus

  2. To build our own character further, it’s best to quiet ourselves and focus on listening to God and letting the hearing influence our actions.

  3. The grace in the situation is that no matter how many times we fail, God will always give us another chance.