At Last - TCM #025


Weekly conversations about how to turn your inward faith into outward action.

God was involved in the first marriage – he should be involved in all of them.
— Dale Tippett, Sr.

Quick Summary

Jesus catches some Pharisees in a trap that they were trying to set for him. When children are set before him, he finishes his teaching about God’s intentions for not only marriage, but our lives at large.


In this episode we discuss marriage, commitment, and how we can use the context of today’s reading from Genesis chapter 2 to take a closer look at how we enter into this sacred union.


  1. Even the disciples struggled with Jesus’ difficult teachings

  2. When we struggle with Jesus’ teachings, we need to refocus our perspective using God’s love as a lens to view the lesson

  3. When we use love as the lens we look through, we see that even Jesus’ most difficult teachings come from a place of love, to save us from the hurt of our lives.