Like A Bridge - TCM #024


Weekly conversations about how to turn your inward faith into outward action.

Whether we were raised in the church, or came and left and came back again, we’re here now, and we have a decision to make.
— Dale Tippett, Sr.

Quick Summary

Despite the troubled waters we may face, the promises of God fulfilled in Jesus’ sacrifice continues to encourage us in all the places that our lives may take us.


In this episode we talk about being prepared, whatever the circumstances may be, to take on the full armor of God and be ambassadors for the Gospel in the world.


1.     Once you make a decision to follow Jesus, it can be easy to lose momentum if we are not prepared

2.     Abide in Christ, and he will abide in you, filling you with the strength to persevere

3.     Maintain an eternal perspective, recognizing that all that troubles us is temporary, and there’s an eternity waiting for us afterward.