Beloved, We Are God’s Children Now - TCM #014


Weekly conversations about how to turn your inward faith into outward action.

The Gospel is so profound, yet so simple!
— Dale Tippett, Sr.

Quick Summary

Christ's sacrifice on the cross, God's desire to be in relationship with all of his people, and the witness of the apostles all speak to one profound truth.


In this episode, we discuss testing ourselves using some ideas from the first epistle of John, and how we can look to Jesus on the Cross to help us pass that test.

Take Aways

How do we measure up to these criteria laid out in 1 John:

  1. Have love for fellow believers?

  2. Be obedient to God's commands

  3. Believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?

It seems so simple, but there really is depth to it for you to meditate on.